Monday, February 18, 2008

Wine Tasting Saturday

Chris and I love wine. We love tasting wine and we have a group of friends who also love wine and tasting and trying new wines and of course the foods that go with them.

Saturday night was a great night. We were invited to join an existing wine tasting group for tasting, food, and relaxing fun. There were about seven couples assembled who each brought a food dishes to taste wines that the wine master had picked to go with the meal.

The surprise wine of the night for me was Shoo Fly Aussie Salute 2005. I love Australian wines, so it shouldn't have been much of a surprise, but I was surprised after reading the description which indicated the wine was a blend of "spicy Grenache, succulent Shiraz, and a whiff of Viognier. It was very drinkable on its own.

Another surprising wine was the Covey Run Riesling Washington 2006. It is a great cheese party wine. Fruity and clean on the palate. The fruits were especially strong and enjoyable. A great starter wine for a party or a tasting.

All in all, it was a very fun night and we had a great time. I will be buying a couple bottles of these wines, too. I recommend them as they are very adaptable and enjoyable.

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