Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Luna Di Luna Chardonnay-Sauvignon

So we were given this wine over the holidays and have kept it chilled. I love the jaguar green bottle. We served it the other night. I had felt it would be a good wine for cheese and light snacks. It had a nice light refreshing bouquet and the initial flavor, just before hitting the palate, was very crisp and fruity. And then the full flavor of the wine hit. That is where this wine fell apart. The flavors and tastes just didn't go together and it felt as if this wine were at war with itself in my mouth. This is definitely not a wine I would buy for myself or a gift. There was no balance.

The official tasting notes say: Pale straw yellow with greenish highlights. Very aromatic with hints of melon, green apple and tropical fruit. Pleasingly crisp with an abundance of fruit flavors.

Recommendation: Must miss, it just didn't do it for me

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