Thursday, February 27, 2014

Vino Volo - For the Wine Lover in You

Vino Volo in the Seattle-Tacoma Airport
I have a new place that I love spending time when I am traveling and stuck waiting for flights in an airport. It is Vino Volo! Yup--wine available in the airport to calm my nerves, make me feel better and help me learn more about my favorite beverage. 

Vino Volo offers a wine club that provides an expensive wine tasting for a reasonable, $2 price. That alone is worth the visit. But wait, there's more! 

Vino Volo offers a relaxing wine respite in the middle of the busiest airports imaginable. Some airports, like Denver, have two Vino Volo's. 

The shop offers wine tastings--flights of wine constructed to expand the palate and introduce new wines of a similar characteristics to the taster. It is a great way to expand wine horizons AND they offer food too! Each of the wines is served with a specially designed information sheet that explains the wine and the flavors. And they sell the wine too--so if you like it, buy it. 

So instead of grabbing a day old sandwich from some unknown place to take on a flight--stop into Vino Volo's and drink wine and eat a made to order gourmet sandwich while waiting to for the opportunity to be crammed into another too small airplane seat.

Join the club. I love tasting $65 bottles of wine for $2! I enjoy their selection of interesting wines which changes monthly to maintain its creativity while also including some local wines. 

RECOMMENDATION: Join the club and stop buy your nearest Vino Volo to enjoy the wine.

-- Bob Doan, Writing from the Seattle-Tacoma Airport, Washington

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