Thursday, May 15, 2014

Wine Barrel Furniture

OK, maybe I've gone a bit too far. I've always wanted a wine barrel, although I could not figure out a good reason to buy one. Ideally, I wanted one full of wine to drink or blend into a future fine wine.

Wine barrels are big and bulky. What can you really do with a full sized wine barrel? Sitting it in the yard to watch it deteriorate from the weather does not seem a fitting end for such a well constructed item.

Enter the wine barrel table. We discovered the wine barrel table while at the Maryland Home and Garden Show during March. We ordered the table at the show and received a really good discount as compared with the stated price through Wine Enthusiast. Two months later, it was delivered, perfectly, as ordered. 

The table was constructed by Wine Barrel Designs from Elmer, New Jersey. They were great to work with and interactive on delivery day to minimize my time away from work. This table includes storage for 24 bottles of wine, four authentic wine barrel chairs, and a lazy susan on top. I envision many evenings sitting at the table and enjoying a glass of wine. They have other designs and options--but I always seem to need more places to store wine.

We have needed the perfect accessory for our wine room for some time. And that the chairs are made from wine barrel staves and have three legs so that they don't rock.

I am very impressed with the workmanship that Wine Barrel Designs took in creating the table and chairs. It looks exactly like we envisioned it would. I was told that this barrel was made of French Oak and I was impressed that the staves used to make the stools still smell like wine--authentic.

RECOMMENDATION: If you are looking for a unique piece of wine furniture, check out Wine Barrel Designs, you'll be happy you did. They delivered to the door, placed the wine barrel table where I wanted it and made sure I was happy with my purchase. 

So the next wine barrel I buy will be full of wine!

-- Bob and Christina Doan, Elkridge, MD

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