Sunday, March 9, 2014

Opening Wine Bottles with Panache (not Grenache)

The wine bottle is on the counter, ready to open. Friends are gathered waiting to enjoy it.  All eyes are on you and you are confronted with the sometimes stressful and potentially disastrous challenge: How do I look like a pro opening the wine bottle? 

I have a number of cork removal devices in my arsenal from classic cork screws to my favorite removal device: the Cork Pops Legacy bottle opener.  Impressive name, huh?

The Cork Pops Legacy uses a direct approach to remove the cork from the bottle: an injector pierces the cork to allow the introduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the bottle to force the cork out. I like this approach because the corks are removed completely without telltale dust and pieces which may remain after using more traditional cork screws. It also generates a satisfying "pop" when the cork comes out of the bottle. (Starts the evening off with a fun "wow" factor)

The Cork Pop Legacy includes an integrated safe cutter to remove the foil from the top of the bottle.

I have used my Cork Pops Legacy for three years and found it incredibly easy to buy additional CO2 cartridges, I use Amazon and usually have them within two days.


1. Old corks in deteriorating condition sometimes do not work well because they do not create a seal along the injector and the CO2 escapes. 

2. Some synthetic corks create so tight a seal that the gas cannot eject the cork and a manual extraction method must be employed.  

3. Do not let children handle the Cork Pops Legacy--the injector is very sharp and can easily pierce skin and cause injury. 

RECOMMENDATION: I highly recommend this accessory. I use it almost exclusively and have found it to be extremely reliable and effective. For less that $30, it makes a great gift for your favorite oneophile. It also makes a great gift for yourself.

-- Bob and Christina Doan, Elkridge, MD

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