Saturday, March 29, 2014

Tracking Wines: CellarTracker

There I am, standing in the huge retail outlet surrounded by thousands of different wines and I can't remember which wines I needed or even which wines I enjoyed and wanted to keep as my current "house" wine.

I do not have a particularly large collection of wines, but I like to record information about the wines that I have bought for future reference. 

I have been using an application for a few years that not only tracks the wines that I have on hand, but also all of the wines that I have ever bought and consumed. It is called CellarTracker

I have found CellarTracker to be very a intuitive way to document my wine purchases and consumption. I especially appreciate the feature that tracks wines which need to be consumed before the become over mature (over ripe?). It is fully functional on smart phones and is always with me and I find that incredible useful. 

Not only does it track my inventory, any spreadsheet could do that, but it allows me to rate the wines I have been drinking and share my critique with others. And they share with me, too. It is a wine lovers site because an abundance of information is available about the wines--to include how much the average price people are paying for it. I have been disappointed to find that what I though was a really good price point, wasn't. 

I really enjoy this site and I use it all of the time. Yes, there is a cost for the full features, but it is not much more than a bottle of wine per year to have all of the options at my fingertips. There is a free version, but its limited features are little more than simple tracking mechanism for your wine inventory.

The other fabulous part of CellarTracker is that the wine ratings are by real people and not only wine professionals. If a wine is good, it gets good ratings. I have found that the ratings and the descriptions are very consistent and valuable in determining whether I will like a previously untasted wine.

RECOMMENDATION: Get CellarTracker and try it out. Consider it a learning experience.

-- Bob and Christina Doan

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