Sunday, February 23, 2020

Fabbioli Cellars

Fabbioli Cella's Entrance
Leesburg, VA
February 22, 2020
It was a fantastic February Saturday, meaning it was a great day to go on a wine expedition. 

Wine Pouring into Fabbioli Wineglass
February 22, 2020

We realized that it had been a few years since we visited Fabbioli Cellars and we decided that we should check out the wines while updating our notes. 

Wine Rack in the Fabbioli Tasting Room

Right up front, let me say, we were impressed. The new, within the past three years, tasting facility is magnificent and highlights the quality wines produced by the Cellars. The tasting was conducted in a small group of six around an individual table and we were treated to the enthusiastic Brian and Melissa who provided an informative and entertaining tasting experience. The real stars of the tasting, of course, are the wines which were all well done and balanced. 

Fabbioli Tasting Room Ceiling
An Interesting and
Visually Stimulating Experience
The unique thing that Fabbioli does is to provide sample morsels to pair with the wines. Not just cheese and chocolate, but small culinary creations that highlight the beauty of the wines when combined with food. For instance, one of the morsels was Port wine cheese, apple slice, 34 Degrees natural crisp, and red jammies. The tasting costs $15, but the creative combos make it definitely worthwhile. 

As for wines, they are moderately priced with a good price point for the value. The prices were in the $18-$24 range, with the exception of the Carmenere, which was $45. The highlights of the tasting were the Carmenere and the Chambourcin. The other wines, including two whites and a pear wine, are all worth tasting and experiencing. 

Recommendation: Visit this winery! It is worth the trip off the beaten path and on the dusty backroads to get there. 

-- Bob and Christina Doan, Elkridge, MD 

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